Can you create trading robots in minutes without using the keyboard?

...of course you can...


You don't have to be a good programmer, it's enough to have idea what you want to do, what trading strategy you want to create.

Instead of writing code that will always need corrections and never be final version, you can create a trading strategy by simply connect few virtual blocks into a logical structure and check what will be the result.

fxDreema is a tool that you can use to generate forex robots (also known as Expert Advisors and Scripts) for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 by visually connect logical blocks and thus removing the need to program or learn how to program in MQL4 or MQL5.

Web based platform
No installation required to start building projects. Just register and start testing immediately
Optional local version
Projects are located on your HDD only. Better integration with MT tester and editor
Easy and intuitive
Build trading strategy as a block diagram. The only thing you really need is a good sense of logic
Build simple projects for free
There is no need to pay for using fxDreema. It's allowed to build simple projects for no cost
MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5
Yes, both trading platforms are supported. Pick the one you prefer and start building projects for it
Condition-Action principle
On every tick it checks one or more conditions and takes one or more actions. Every EA works like this
Point size? No problems!
You can choose what point size to use - 0.0001, 0.00001 or any other. The broker is not important here
Auto-detect ECN broker
Instant execution or market execution... who cares? Stops will be placed in any case
Virtual stops (optional)
It's so easy to hide your stops (take-profit and stop-loss) from your broker - just one setting
Projects, based on events
Situate your trading steps into Init, Timer, Tick, Trade or Deinit events
No need to know MQL4 or MQL5
It's enough that you heard about MQL4 and MQL5 programming languages. Leave them alone
Grouping trades/orders (optional)
You can place trades/orders into separate groups and manage them independently
Custom indicators
...can be uploaded to recognize their parameters and buffers, or can be used without uploading
Build new project in a few minutes
Adding-modifying-removing parts of the strategy is easy as a game. Even no mouse is needed!
Quick custom indicators tester
Use "Levels tester..." block to visualize custom indicator's buffer in real time directly on the chart
Manipulate trades in low level
When custom trading actions are required, use "in loop" blocks for deeper step-by-step logic
Semi-auto trading with chart objects
Access parameters of chart objects to build a trading logic. Then use them as a trading tools
Create and use custom blocks
Normally it's not needed, but in any case - it's easily possible using included Library Studio
Share your projects through links
If you want others to see your work, you can create a shared copy of it and spread it as a link
Multy-currency and multy-timeframe
The final project can trade with any currency pair using data from any standard timeframe

Let's jump into the platform right now! Click on the button below and you will see real example project made on fxDreema.

Click to load the example right here

... or open it in a new browser window

How to work with this? It' pretty easy...

  • Double-click on a block to see it's properties
  • Right-click on a block to see more options
  • You can update those properties and thus changing the block's behaviour
  • Connect blocks (drag any orange circle over any white circle)
  • Disconnect blocks (click on the connection line between two blocks and accept)
  • Move the blocks around, cut-copy-delete them (like files on your computer)
  • You can also rename them, change their ID's, and even see what is the source code behind each one of them
  • ... and many more!

And there are many different types of blocks you can create and use when you are logged in into your profile.

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